Salomé Voegelin’s Listening to Noise and Silence:

81: Silence is about listening, listening to small sounds, tiny sounds, quiet and loud sounds out of any context, musical, visual or otherwise. Silent sounds can be loud, as much as noisy sounds can be quiet, but they do not deafen my body to anything but themselves, and instead include me in their production.

82: When there is nothing to hear, you start hearing things.

83: Silence is not the absence of sound but the beginning of listening.

90: […] silence places the composer and the listener in corresponding locations: he is the composer as producer and I am the composer as listener.

93: Silence is a mirror […].

99: Being a critical listener is listening to silence and being able to bear to hear yourself. If I cannot listen to silence  I cannot really listen to anything but only hear stuff […].



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