Why is there so little information about aboriginal presence along the Oodnadatta Track.

In my research so far I have come across only a few references:

  • The Oodnadatta Track follows an ancient trail used by Aborigines for ochre trading for thousands of years. (source)
  • Finniss Springs, once a settlement and pastoral lease, now in ruins:

“Finniss Springs Mission is of special interest for two reasons: it commenced as a private rather than a government or church initiative, and it is remembered with great affection by former and still surviving Aboriginal residents, unlike most other mission settlements. Warren was pivotal to its success, and the mission closed two years after his death. The site, a symbol of reconciliation of Aboriginal and European worlds, is now under the control of the Marree Arrabunna Peoples Committee.” (source)

  • Transcontinental Hotel in Oodnadatta is run by the local aboriginal community:

“[...] the Aboriginal Community has bought the railway properties and other houses, started a renovation program and decided to make Oodnadatta’s history its future.” (source)


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