Today I come to you with noisy bells & whistles, excited to announce the next Quies chapter AND a squeaky, fresh, new project called Micro. It’s all happening this coming Friday as part of Beursschouwburg’s “Private Investigations” program.

Quies will be set up as a three screen installation with headphones for ultimate listening pleasure. Let it also be known that Ezra Eeman and myself will use the next 7 weeks to keep working on Quies. Meaning that rougly every two weeks or so, we aim to “update” the installation with new material. Until it feels finished. Making a private investigations public? Yup, something like that.

Next to that, there will be Micro. What that is or will be, I’m not sure yet. All I know is that I will aim to turn the building into an instrument and then play that instrument for you from 5 to 8:30pm. It might be the start of something new, or not.

Come find out?

More info here.


The first public showing of Quies is happening this weekend in the Kaaistudios as part of the Working Title festival.

More info about the shows here.

And about the festival here.

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